Review of John’s Famous Deli of Staten Island, NY vs. Fiore’s House of Quality of Hoboken, NJ By Chef Vincent Tropepe Instagram: cheftropepe I am hoping that this article doe not evolve into a real battle by any means.  Both John’s Famous Deli of Staten Island, New York and Fiore’s […]

AUBERGINE EGYPTIAN INGREDIENTS 8-10 nos. small aubergine 1 cup tricolored bellpeppers, cut into small dices ½ tbsp. garlic, minced 1 tbsp. grated cheddar cheese Parmesan cheese to gratinate Oil for frying For tomato sauce: 6 nos. blanched tomatoes, pureed 1 tbsp. garlic 5-6 basil leaves, shredded 1 tbsp. olive oil […]