By Chef Vincent Tropepe Ingredients 1 cup Apple cider vinegar, unfiltered 1 cupBrown sugar 1/2 tspGround cloves 2Cinnamon sticks 10Dried figs, chopped 12 oz bagFresh cranberries 1Small jalapeno, seeded, minced (roughly 2 tablespoons) 3/4 cupApple, peeled, cored and diced In a heavy sauce pan set over medium-high heat, bring the […]

Orange Marmalade Recipe Ingredients 2.5 Kgs. of Oranges 1.5 Kgs. of Sugar 1 Vanilla Pod Directions Peel oranges, remove seeds and carefully remove membrane from oranges meat. Then very finely cut your oranges, skin included. Put the oranges in a pot and add sugar. Put the seeds in a muslin […]