How the iconic Italian dessert takes on new forms from top bakeries   By Chef Vincent Tropepe The Italian Rainbow cookies are generally referred to a long list of aliases some of which are, Italian Flag Cookies, Napoleon cookies, seven layer cookies, seven layer cake, tri – color cookies and […]

How Kim Jung Un Is Solving North Korea’s Meat Shortage   By Chef Vincent Tropepe   Kim Jung Un has declared that pet dogs are a symbol of capitalist “decadence” and ordered that dogs in Pyongyang be rounded up – and owners are fearful that their furry friends are being […]

By Chef Vincent Tropepe Chocolate. There are few foods that evoke as much passion as this decadent treat. Folklore from many cultures claimed that consuming chocolate instilled faith, health, strength, and sexual passion. Once an indulgence of royalty, it is now a treasured and accessible – and yes, even healthy […]