A Christmas Message from Senior Food Writer & Editor in Chief Chef Vincent Tropepe

Throughout my writing here on CulinaryNewsWorld.com I have had the pleasure of sharing what I write on food products, restaurants, recipes, historical and iconic places to dine and not very much personal. We all know and feel that this year and this holiday season is different then years past – and it is.

Not only as a country, but throughout the world we have been put upon by a deadly, unpredictable, untamable pandemic. It has shattered families, livelihoods, businesses, careers and the loses of all kinds only continue to grow including the death toll.

For my entire life, food is what I gravitated to. It’s what I know the most and the restaurant industry as tough as it is holds a very special place in my life. I have always associated food with happiness. People coming together at an event, or around a dinner table. And no matter what corner of the world your in or where you meet people food is something that everyone can relate to. That’s the reason why I dedicated my life to the food industry because I wanted to continue to make people happy.

Receiving this position, which I am humbled to have has kept my mind occupied and culinary juices flowing during a time of strict lock down measures and with each restaurant closing by the dozens.

No matter what 2020 turned out to be (or turned out not to be), a new year is coming, a new and brighter tomorrow is upon us. And all I can do is hope that no matter how large or small the crowd for Christmas get in the kitchen and cook and celebrate what we do have instead of what we don’t.

Wishing you the very best holiday season possible

~ Chef


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