A Thanksgiving Day Message from Chef Vincent Tropepe

This time last year, all of us were looking forward to 2020. Maybe you had some personal goals that you saw in reach or some professional endeavors you wanted to pursue. Little did we know that shortly after we were to ring in 2020 that life as we knew it would forever change.

We had no idea that a global pandemic would spread and ultimately paralyze our country. Little did we know, that a man by the name of George Floyd would be murdered by a police officer in Minnesota that would cause a national uprise. And little did we know, exactly how brutal our Presidential election would be.

By all means witnessing any one of these is a lot for any person, but together we experienced all of them and we continue to go through these challenges as one American family.

The pandemic affected all of us in some way. Maybe you lost your job, lost your business, lost your home, missed out on important event like getting married, or graduation. Or maybe even the worst of all, you have an empty chair at this years holiday table.

In one of my favorite movies, The One Hundred Foot Journey that is staged in the South of France, an Indian family looking to starts over after having the matriarch of their family killed in a tragic fire. After the old family truck crashed due to brake failure they make the small French town their home, but this would also have its challenges. When the father of the family decides to buy a vacant restaurant that too is met with great prejudices from the locals, but in particular the owner of a French Michelin star rated restaurant owned by Helen Merrin’s character just one hundred feet across the street.

Time and time again throughout the movie the migrated Indian family is constantly met with severe challenges, one after another with hardly any time to breathe. So what kept them going? Hope. Hope that a better tomorrow would come, hope that their culture and cuisine would be recognized as a positive addition to the community instead of the negative light of being different, hope that their challenges would be apart of a bigger success story.

So I can only speak for myself and tell you that what is keeping me going is hope. So as I conclude this Thanksgiving Day message, I wish you a happy, healthy and safe Thanksgiving and I also wish you a Thanksgiving and holiday season full of hope.

~ Chef Vincent Tropepe


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