Cookie DNA Review of: Bang Cookies Jersey City

By Chef Vincent Tropepe

I have been to Jersey City, many times and for a period of time I used to live there and I miss it dearly. It’s the reason why I visit frequently. For some time now I have heard of a cookie place called “Bang Cookies”. On a recent beautiful crisp fall day I decided to go for a walk and I unexpectedly came across it. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty hard to miss it after all with a large neon sign that says “I Got Banged In Jersey City” at the very least that phrase alone would make anyone stop in their tracks to at least feed their curiosity as to what sort of place this is.

It’s my belief that it was exactly that impression George Kuan wanted to give when he opened in 2016. Kuan’s tiny cookie store is a response to a huge problem he’d experienced himself – he couldn’t find a great cookie. And truth is, I can relate to Kuan. I don’t eat sweets on a day to day basis, but when I have the desire for a cookie I don’t want a good one; I don’t want an okay one – I want a bangin’ cookie. Kuan is dedicated to giving his loyal customers a “cookie-gasm”.

As I write this review, I have never met George Kuan and to keep my reviews as neutral as possible I wouldn’t want to, but now that this review is over I would certainly like to so I can see for myself if his personality matches the in your face and bold branding. Whether you like it or not, Kuan does tap into something here. Today in 2020, many people believe in having a healthy sex life. Both men and women are socially and sexually forward and know what they want. In that fact, is the root of being sexually satisfied and Kuan used this deliberate diction. For example, “sinfully delicious“, “relationship“, “…you can invite us over to your place.“, “… our cookies will be in your mouth before you can swipe right…” and “we will be your sugar daddy” are all able to (and in this case are) dually used.

So does Kuan’s cookies walk the walk or is all this jibber jabber with underlying sexual tones like a jock that looks fine and tells you what he can do to you while in reality does not know how to use his manliness in the least?

As a chef with the highest baking and pastry certification in America all the bragging, confidence and boldness is something that Kuan clearly deserves. Kuan makes nothing less then large, soft, American style drop cookies that certainly will not disappoint. Some flavors like PB&J are filled which was a nice surprise and much better then just having the jelly swirled into the dough. And I would furthermore encourage Kuan to keep cookie surprises like that coming as it will serve him well and keep customers both current and new engaged over the long term. All of the cookies are completely organic and considering the cost of organic ingredients are far more expensive and the size of the cookies Kuan’s price point between $4 and $6 is on point and well justified.

Clearly Kuan has figured out a well balanced formula for not just the perfect cookie , but as a balanced business model. His exposure to working in restaurants and bakeries in New York City has probably fueled his passion when met with his cookie dilemma.

In conclusion, (and on a more humorous note) before writing this review I had the daunting obligation of having to taste the cookies. Over four visits to Jersey City I tasted six cookies….so here is a question for George Kuan… does this mean I got banged six times in Jersey City? That aside, if you are in New York City or Northern Jersey visit Bang Cookies they are well worth the trip.


Jersey City: 1183 Summit Avenue & 128 Newark Avenue

East Rutherford: 1 American Dream Way


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