Product Review: Trader Joe’s Greek Cheese Pie

By Chef Vincent Tropepe

Trader Joe’s, the beloved grocer that has a colt following has their own line of food products in many different food categories.  As I was looking through the frozen food section I saw what they call a “Cheese Greek Spiral”being a chef that as cooked the most popular Greek dishes (this being one of them) I can attest to personally that anything made with phyllo dough is very laborious on ones patience.

The “Cheese Greek Spiral”is really known in Greek cuisine as Tiropitaor Tyropita.  The Modern Greek tyropita is historically derived from the tyropatinum, which was a sweet custard developed by the ancient Greeks of Sicily consisting of eggs, ricotta cheese and honey.  Like many dishes centuries old, they change over time. And the tiropita is now primarily filled with cheese, rolled into the long log and then made into a circular spiral like pie.

The Trader Joe version of this traditional Greek dish does not pay homage to the Greek culture at all.  It is basically good for a “fix” of crispy phyllo dough with barely existent cheese.  Additionally, making what is a traditional Greek item, one would think that a cheese such as feta would be found somewhere in this item, but it’s not.  The label actually mentions “blue cheese” that would offer some potency of flavor, but there is also no reminisce of blue cheese either.

Trader Joe’s makes some decent products, but this is a miss.


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