Fun Facts About Halloween Candy

By Chef Vincent Tropepe

Here are some fun eye opening facts about Halloween candy consumption.

  1. Children would have to play for two days straight to burn off the calories in the average amount of candy collected on Halloween.
  2. It would take a 100 pound child 44 hours of walking or 15 hours of playing full court basketball to burn off the average amount of calories in candy collected on Halloween.
  3. A standard pillow case hold about 1,600 pieces of candy when fully stuffed.
  4. Studies show that children can consumer up to three cups of sugar eating Halloween candy that is equally to almost 170 sugar cubes.
  5. The candy that is sold the most during Halloween is Skittles.
  6. Hershey’s Chocolates begin producing it Halloween specific candy up to six months in advance to ensure they meet demand.
  7. This year it is predicted that American’s will spend about $2.6 Billion on Halloween Candy
  8. 172 million people in The United States celebrate Halloween and 95% make candy purchases for trick or treaters.
  9. Only 49% of people and candy consumers find candy corn to be tasty.
  10. Despite how unpopular Candy Corn is 35 million pounds of Candy Corn are still produced each year.
  11. If Candy Corn kernels sold during Halloween were laid out end to end they would circle the earth over 4 times.
  12. It is estimated that 300,000 tons of candy are sold during Halloween, that is equivalent to 6 Titanic ships worth of sweets.
  13. During the week of Halloween Americans purchase 90 million pounds of chocolate.
  14. Although candy consumption and purchasing is a staple of Halloween Easter is still the holiday that even more candy is made, purchased and given as gifts.


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