Small Business Owner Profile: Anita Skrocki

By Chef Vincent Tropepe

As a chef, business owner and obvious foodie and now the Senior Food Writer and Editor in Chief for, I wanted to highlight the people who are the backbone of America’s economy – the small business owner.

Anita Skrocki has a deep rooted love for entrepreneurship as well as her love for baking. Before coming the Queen of Biscotti in the state of Pennsylvania Anita Skrocki first business was Alterations by Anita. She sewed at home for numerous factories and private clients through her childbearing years.  When her youngest child turned three she started to bake and in 2003 Anita’s Biscotti was born.

Her love for baking stems from her childhood in her Italian home.  Anita at a young age took it upon herself to learn how to bake a variety of things for the nightly “coffee time” as Anita calls it.  This Anita says is “one of my favorite childhood memories”.

Anita admits that it was not an immediate love affair when it came to biscotti.  Anita found it difficult to make biscotti in a very uniform way such as shape, size and height. When she started to sell them to cafes and realized that biscotti is a cookie she can create numerous fun flavors with such as Lavender Vanilla and Nutella for example, is when the cookie won her heart.  She also contributes her love for biscotti from her Italian heritage and enjoys the traditional cookie with her family.Anita keeps her customers and her team engaged in her business as she is always baking up the next best flavors. Besides the quality ingredients Anita and her team uses, Anita explained that the cookies are made in the old world Italian way.  There are no automated machines in her facility.  Every biscotti loaf is weighed and measured by hand, baked, hand cut, baked a second time, hand decorated, and hand packaged. Anita says, “We are the machines”.  This by hand traditional way is something that holds value to her clients.  When you eat an Anita’s biscotti you taste more then flavor profiles, you taste the very art of baking and the Italian culture.

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