Culinary News Appoints Senior Food Writer to the United States

In an effort to provide ongoing and quality content, embarked on a mission to find a culinary professional to appoint as Senior Food Writer and Editor in Chief for the United States of America.  After a long and intense search, it has come to an end.

Today officially announces the appointment of award winning chef, culinary personality, and published author Vincent Tropepe from New York City to this position.

Tropepe’s long and critically acclaimed career started after graduating from the Art Institute of New York City when he became he understudy to


French culinary mastermind Alain Ducasse at his restaurant  at the Essex House.  From there, Chef Tropepe had successful runs at Tony May’s SD26, The 21 Club, The Rainbow Room, Sardi’s and Mr. K’s, all revered and highly rated restaurants in New York City.  For the last 13 years, Tropepe has been self-employed as a restaurant and food consultant, has worked the food and wine show circuit and has been a private chef for some of the most recognizable personalities in the world.  Some of Chef Tropepe’s past celebrity clientele include: Luciano Pavarotti, Muhammad Ali, Jennifer Lopez, Queen Latifah, Rudy Giuliani, Regis Philbin and four United States Presidents.

In the Fall of 2016, Chef Tropepe’s culinary memoir/cookbook titled In My Whites: A Matter of Culinary Perspective (Main Entrée Publishing) was released nationwide, selling over twenty nine thousand copies.

“In this position it is my intent to provide the reader content that spans all areas of the world of food. Restaurant reviews, Chef Profiles, Recipes, Food Politics, Food and Wine events and even kitchen appliance reviews” Tropepe said.

“The content will be objective, educational, entertaining, and honest to give our readers confidence that is a reliable place for all things food related.” Tropepe said.

“Having the responsibility to offer content nationwide, I look forward to traveling throughout the United States once it is safe to do so,  and the COVID-19 pandemic that is crippling the restaurant industry is under control” Tropepe concluded.

Culinary News is proud to have celebrated Chef Vincent Tropepe at the helm with this important position as we look forward to growing our brand and becoming a leader in food-related news.


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