Royal dining habits and etiquette followed by British Royals

When it comes to following rules and regulations, royal families are extremely particular about it. Something as minute and trivial as dining-table habits and etiquette may have a huge significance amongst the royals of the British monarchy. Although, much of the royal rules revolve around the Queen, she too isn’t pardoned from following them. Passed on from generations to generations, these dining etiquette may seem obnoxiously odd to the common man, but for the royals, it is a part of their tradition and culture.

That being said, here are some of the most unusual dining rules and etiquette followed by the members of the royal families.

1. No one can sit or eat before the Queen

Some of the most basic and important dining etiquettes followed by the royals, revolves around the Queen herself. For instance, sitting or eating on the dining table before the Queen is highly unacceptable, no matter how urgent it might be.

2. Once the Queen finishes eating her meal, so must everyone else

While everyone on the dining table must follow the cue of the Queen, no one can continue eating their food, once the Queen of England has finished eating her meal. It is completely mandatory for everyone to put their forks down, as and when the Queen finishes.

3. Garlic and Shellfish are strictly prohibited in the royal kitchen

Talk of dining habits, the royal menu is also strictly regulated. From the most basic vegetable like garlic and onions to other ingredients like Shellfish are also prohibited in the royal kitchen.

4. Once the Queen places her purse on the table, dinner must end within 5 minutes

As everything at a royal dining table is regulated, there’s a cue for every action too. For instance, when the Queen places her purse on the table, dinner must be wrapped up within 5 minutes.

5. Dining conversations are pre-planned

Royal conversations at a dining tables, especially dinner parties, are highly coordinated and strategically planned. The first-half of the dinner conversation is always dedicated to the person seated on the right of the queen, whereas in the second-half the queen prefers speaking to the person sitting at the left of the queen. This is the format that is always followed on a royal dining table.

6. Placement of the utensils is a way of communicating with the staffs

At a royal dining table, utensil placement is a means to communicate with the royal staffs. Crossing the fork and knife is a way to indicate to the staff that their plate should not be touched. However, placing their knife and fork at an angle with the handles on the bottom right of the plate is signal for the staff to clear the plates.

7. They must always be formally dressed for meals

Reportedly, members of the royal family are supposed to be formally dressed for every meal, even if it is a simple dinner occasion.

8. Teacups and cutleries must be handled in a specific way

If you’re dining with the royals, there’s a particular way to handle your cutleries. Especially, while holding a teacup, one must pinch the handle of the teacup with their thumb and index finger and use the middle finger to hold the bottom of the cup.

This story originally appeared on Times Of India.

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