Travel Foodie Couple

The couple is a hodophile and want everyone to be a part of their journey. They started on Instagram as Travelfoodiecouple. This is a forum where they post new travel and food pictures. “They have unshared stories of travel and would love to take out pixels from the archive with the lovely people out there. The couple wants to reach out to maximum people and become a part of everybody’s life as a great influencer and Motivator to travel and live a happy life.

TravelFoodieCouple desire to Inspire with the tales of their personal experiences”.

Bella Señorita

Garima lives in The Netherlands and is passionate about travelling, she is a connoisseur for the best food /Travel Destinations. She knows how to capture the best moments and how to recognize the details of food photography. She
is also a storyteller and food writer. She describes herself as very organized & fun loving person. Garima has also lived in India , Korea, France & traveled solo to Singapore, Hongkong, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Germany and have Many more to add in future as a couple. Her current occupation demands a frequent traveling all over the world. She loves to try new cuisine as much as possible and herself is an excellent cook. In her spare time she would like to dance, cook and organize her house.

She shares her food and travel stories with her husband Piyush.


Piyush describes himself as a Gregarious who loves socializing and a big time motivator to his wife, He is also a good cook and multilingual.

They as a couple love to share their stories through food & travel pictures /video blogs on social media. They have traveled together to Spain, Italy, Mauritius, Germany, Belgium, Ireland & France. At present they are
flourishing influencers.

On this page you will find the pictures/videos and the stories behind.

Stay tuned and have fun with us.

Let’s Travel and Eat with the TravelFoodieCouple.
You can follow us on Instagram @Travelfoodiecouple.

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Garima & Piyush

Travel Foodie Couple

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