This Pastry Chef Turns Desserts Into Tiny Worlds That You Have to See

Looking at chef Matteo Stucchi’s breathtaking desserts will leave you wondering whether you’re staring down at a whole, tiny world, with small people hidden away beneath the buttercream and colorful art.

Like maybe we’re Horton the Elephant, and there are little Whos living in these amazingly crafted worlds.

That, let’s be honest, are probably still delicious…

The creative mind behind the desserts is a 26-year-old pastry chef from Italy, Matteo Stucchi.

He believes that decorations are as important as taste, which is pretty obvious from his work.

His Instagram nickname is Gulliver, and his little creations remind everyone of the book Gulliver’s Travels – for good reason!

Every dessert is a little trip of whimsy, a stroll through worlds that are tiny but bursting with color.

I could look through these images forever, and I’m definitely going to follow him on Instagram.

This is filed under things I wish I could do but definitely can’t.

This story originally appeared on UberFacts.

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