The Way Restaurants And Other Food Related Businesses Are Closing, Its Going To Be A Big Dent In Economy In Years

Due to impact of Corona Virus, we have watched the restaurant and other food related industry crumble in last few weeks. Millions of people are jobless overnight. We as being part of food industry suddenly find ourselves in such a situation where there is no going back. Its not because we selected any wrong career, but because it was the right thing to do for society we thought. We voluntarily closed our operations because we support our government and have complete confidence on our system. We closed our doors for the safety of our team and everyone we do business with (guests, customers, vendors etc.). I know some people who are shutting their restaurants and businesses which they have built by devoting years of hard work, passion, savings and research. They are unable to sustain because they have rent, bills, salaries and other expenses to bear with. And on top of that government don’t have any back-up plan for us.

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Any food and restaurant business is essential part of any society on which others in an ecosystem largely depend. You remove only restaurants, the whole ecosystem would change badly, or even collapse. Millions of jobs will vanish right away. If we talk about only the restaurant industry, it directly employs or feeds millions of more people like farmers, vendors, factory/mill workers, distributors and delivery people. So as you can think there are people who depend on our revenue to stay in business. If we can’t open for business, this supply chain won’t last. Its such an ecosystem.

Restaurant or any other food business is the first choice, the second choice and the third choice of employment. We employs millions of people. It doesn’t matter whether you’re university graduate or illiterate. We welcome all. Restaurants contribute major part of the GDP and are a big part of economy. Their closure will so badly affect the economy that we haven’t seen in years.

In past restaurant owners have never expected anything from the government. This time we hope to see some help from government in order to make this industry flourish again.


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