Unbelievable Pepsi Flavors from Around the World

1. Pepsi Ghost

This Halloween, Japan introduced Pepsi Ghost, a mystery-flavored soda that’s totally baffling taste testers. One person was torn between pumpkin, chocolate, marshmallow and candy corn, another thought it was a twist on Cherry Pepsi, or Cherry Pepsi with a hint of vanilla. There’s no word whether Pepsi will ever reveal what the limited-edition drink is supposed to taste like.

2. Pepsi Blue Hawaii

This pineapple-lemon flavored soda is a nod to the classic Tiki cocktail, minus the booze (though you could easily spike this yourself, for a fizzy, zero-effort party drink to serve the masses). The drink was only sold in Japan in 2008, but that doesn’t mean you can’t launch a Change.org petition to bring it back.

3.Pepsi Dry

Back in 2011, Japan released Pepsi Dry, a sharp, “non-sweet” soda. One reviewer described it as tasting like a weak RC Cola that dissipates into club soda, and Wreckless Eating, YouTubers who host a “Soduh!” show dedicated to sampling sodas, described it as “the grossest Pepsi he’s ever had.”

4.Pepsi Fire And Ice

In 2004, the soda company shelled out $2.3 million to promote the launch of two new flavors in Thailand: Pepsi Fire, a cinnamon-spiced soda, and Pepsi Ice, a minty blue drink. The idea was to create a “choose your own adventure” approach to grabbing a drink, letting you choose your soda based on your mood, according to Brand Republic.

5. Pepsi Mint And Lemon

Japan currently sells Pepsi Mint and Lemon nationwide, which seems to be a rebranding of its predecessor, Pepsi Mojito. Both had the same flavor description (and, like Pepsi Blue Hawaii, don’t contain alcohol, despite what the previous name may have suggested).

6.Pepsi Ice Cucumber

At first, the idea of a cuke-flavored drink may sound bizarre, but really, it’s just a carbonated twist on spa water. The soda was sold for a limited time in Japan in 2007.

7.Pepsi Caribbean Gold

This bright gold drink, sold in Japan in 2011, tastes like white sapote, a Mexican fruit that’s known for its peach-pear-vanilla-caramel flavor and custard-y texture. Basically, it’s like a cream soda with a scoop of sorbet.

8. Pepsi Pink

At first glance, you might think this soda tastes like pink lemonade, fruit punch or some random combination of berry flavors. Not quite. This drink, released in Japan last fall, is meant to taste like strawberry milk. You know, like the pink Nesquik you had as a kid … only bubbly. ;

9.Pepsi Kick

Pepsi Kick, sold in Mexico, is the classic soda with an extra jolt of caffeine, much like Pepsi Max in the U.S. The only difference? It has a stronger ginseng flavor, according to Providence Soda Club.

10.Pepsi Shiso

An herb-flavored soda? You better believe it. The drink, sold in Japan in 2009, was Nickelodeon-slime green and was described as having a “cinnamon-like zing.”

11.Pepsi Salty Watermelon

Though this Japanese Pepsi flavor was only sold during winter 2012, you can still find bottles sold on eBay. The drink was likened to carbonated, watered-down watermelon juice—like due to the “salty” twist, so it wasn’t like you were downing a liquid Jolly Rancher.

12.Pepsi White

When a drink’s labeled “Pepsi & Yogurt flavor,” it’s reasonable to pause for a second. Both flavors are great on their own, but together? Apparently it’s not so bad. The cloudy beverage was compared to a less-sweet cream soda—with a slight, baking soda-esque taste.

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