Apple Cheesecake Recipe

Low Sugar Apple Cheesecake

Here is an easy no bake Apple Cheesecake recipe which is low on sugar content to pamper those who are either calorie conscious or are advised not to have sugar for medical reasons. The recipe shared below is of the traditional method while the picture above is my version of deconstructed Cheesecake that keeps the biscuit-butter crumble crispy when served along the layers of Cheesecake for that crunchy effect over and above the trending sweet-savoury concept. Try it out over this weekend and believe you me, it’s simply irresistible 😋🍎🍰

Category – Dessert Vegetarian
Preparation Time – 30 minutes
Chilling Time – 1 hour
Serves – 6 persons

Apple – 500 gms.
Fresh Cottage Cheese – 250 gms.
Sugar – 150 gms. (ground)
Digestive Biscuits – 250 gms.
Yogurt/ Hung Curd – 100 gms.
Agar-Agar – 50 gms.
Butter – 100 gms.
Mint Leaves – Few twigs for garnishing

1. Wash, pit, dice & grind Apples without peeling them off to get a thick pulp. Keep a few thin slices aside for garnishing.

2. To get the Apple sauce reduction, heat the pulp in a non stick pan with 4 tablespoon of ground sugar stirring constantly till the color gets brighter & consistency gets thicker.

3. Crush digestive biscuits in a ziplock Bag. Add to the melted butter thoroughly in a mixing bowl.

4. Take a spring bottom cake tin & layer with the biscuit butter mixture. Pat evenly to settle down. Keep in freezer for 15 minutes to set further.

5. Meanwhile add gelatin powder in 1/4 cup water thoroughly & heat on simmer stirring constantly till it gets viscous. Strain out to ensure no lumps are formed.

6. Grate the cottage cheese. Add yogurt/ hung curd, ground sugar, agar-agar, 3/4 of the Apple pulp & blend thoroughly in a mixer or hand blender.

7. Take out the cake tin with the base from freezer, layer carefully with this mixture & keep back in the freezer to set for an hour.

8. Remove cake from the freezer, pour the Apple sauce & garnish with thin slices of Apple with a twig of mint leaves. Serve chilled.

CHEF’S TIP: Keep the Apple slices submerged in Sugar-Salt syrup (1:1) to prevent them from turning dark. Depending on the sweetness of the Apples may lower the quantity of sugar even more accordingly. In case Agar-Agar is unavailable, may use Gelatin instead although it won’t remain a pure vegetarian dessert in that case. Make sure the melted Agar-Agar is not too hot while blending with the cheese mixture.

Recipe by- Satyajeet David (Weekend Special Cooking)

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