Costco Is Launching A Plant-Based Burger With A Semi-Complicated Partnership

First Burger King, now Costco, next THE WORLD.

New York, United States-

First things first, Costco is amazing. It’s a store that features everything from your favorite foods to everyday home essentials, of course offered in bulk. I mean, what more could one ask for? Well, it seems like many have been asking for more plant-based options because Costco will soon be offering more options to add to its vegan selection.

The plant-based food frenzy is taking over retailers like Burger King and McDonalds, so it is no surprise that Costco is jumping on board to sell their own plant-based burger. Costco is set to launch the Better Than Beef Burger™ in stores through a new partnership with Don Lee Farms.

“We are thrilled to introduce the new Better Than Beef™ Burger,” said Donald Goodman, President of Don Lee Farms, in a press release. “This new burger, along with our growing vegan line launched fifteen years ago, reinforces our family’s commitment to continuous innovation in plant-based proteins.”

There is one catch, Don Lee Farms is currently in hot water with other plant-based meat brand Beyond Burger. Don Lee Farms manufactured the Beyond Burger back in 2016, but Beyond Meat proceeded to work with new manufacturers the following year. Don Lee Farms is now in litigation with Beyond Meat (the owner of the Beyond Burger) for claims of breach of contract, negligent representation, and trade secret theft. Beyond Meat is also suing Don Lee Farms for breach of contract.

According to Business Insider, a Don Lee Farms spokesperson stated, “We are looking forward to getting the facts surrounding the Beyond Meat’s breach of contract and fraud lawsuit out at trial, which is set for May.”

Regardless of the fight in court, the Better Than Beef Burger™ is still set to hit shelves in Costco over the next three weeks in states like Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah and Washington, and I for one am excited to try every plant-based burger on the market.

Source- Delish

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