Hooters Is All Set To Release Its Own Line of Spirits This Fall

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Hooters’ name and unclothed image haven’t particularly aged well from its 1980s roots. Even Hooters officials admits that to some extent. The company is continuing to push forward with its less revealing, more family-friendly spinoff Hoots. And yet, Hooters is doing something right, operating over 420 location across 29 countries and inspiring countless imitators. A big part of the brand’s success is that, at its culinary core, it’s just a wing-centric sports bar. The chain’s latest announcement is that company is releasing its own line of booze.
Hooters Spirits — which will be available to try in restaurants or for take-home purchase at “leading retailers” starting this fall, is exploding out the gate with eight different boozy offerings: Vodka, Gin, Dark Rum, Light Rum, Tequila Silver, Tequila Gold, American Whiskey, and Heat Cinnamon Whiskey. You could basically turn your entire liquor cabinet into a Hooters home bar in one fell swoop if you wanted to. And for the record, no, Hooters did not open a giant distillery: All of the new spirits come courtesy of the private label producer United Spirits (an affiliate of Iconic Brands, which, among other products, produces Christie Brinkley’s Bellissima prosecco.)

“Hooters Spirits will deliver on the same high-quality experience that Hooters guests have enjoyed for decades at our iconic restaurants,” the company says in the announcement. And here’s something wing fans can keep an eye out for: “Hooters will also incorporate the new line into a selection of signature drinks,” the brand writes.
As for the booze itself, well, it’s branded liquor, so Hooters doesn’t feel the need for a hard sell. The vodka is said to be “six times distilled” and organic. The gin is made with “select natural botanicals and Juniper Berries” (which is kind of the definition of gin, isn’t it?). Both the rums come from Puerto Rico. The tequila silver is “a rare, hard to find, high quality blend”; the gold “borders a Resposado in quality and flavor.” The American whiskey is “a two year old, true American Whiskey, produced from the finest corn of the heartland of Indiana.”
What isn’t mentioned anywhere is the price — which would seem to be the real selling point. If using their own spirits can lead to cheaper drinks, then that would seem to offer more appeal to customers than the joys of drinking Hooters whiskey… regardless of how much you love Indiana corn.

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