Paris, France-

Over six million tourists visit the French monument every year. They will have a new fine dining experience waiting for them when the new Jules Verne restaurant opens in May.

Alain Ducasse had taken court proceedings to fight eviction from the restaurant when he lost the tender after a 10-year tenancy. The tender was won by fellow French chefs Frédéric Anton and Thierry Marx who applied to run the second-floor restaurant, a brasserie on the first floor and a snack counter.

According to AFP, architect Aline Asmar d’Amman and Frédéric Anton have been working for a year and a half on the new Jules Verne concept. The contract for the restaurant was signed back in August.

Visitors can expect to pay €190 for the five-course menu or €230 for the seven-course menu. At lunchtime, the menu will offer three courses for €130, not including drinks. The restaurant is also planning to open at 7.30am for breakfast, advance bookings only. This service will commence in September.

The Eiffel Tower’s brasserie concept Made in Île-de-France was developed by Thierry Marx and will open in February 2020. It will offer the major classics from the brasserie world, roast poultry with button mushrooms, soft-boiled egg, tarte tatin, French toast with roast apples. The brasserie will open all day and pricing for lunch ranges from €30 to €42.

An all-day Bistro on the first floor will serve sandwiches, while those looking for the best view in Paris can go to the top floor and enjoy a glass of champagne in the bar with caviar pairings.


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