Google Is Making Commercials For This Fake Brand.

New York, United States- 

Did you know that Google and YouTube have been creating fake advertisements? Even to add more surprise to this Google created a whole fake food brand and ran over 33 fake commercials on YouTube, wining up to 20 million impressions. This all as an experiment to learn more about how advertisements work.
If you’ve ever found yourself craving food from “Doctor Fork” after watching YouTube, here is a bad news for you- the brand doesn’t exist. Instead the fake ads. Some for pizza, some for cheesecake, were created by Google’s Unskippable Labs, along with Nestle and BYU professor Ryan Elder, to determine the effect of sensory cues and human presence on ad effectiveness.

According to Ben Jones, the creative director for Unskippable Labs, its an example of the old rule that a commercial should never show someone chewing food and looking at the camera. Unlikely Doctor Fork can do whatever it wants. Basically they are using the freedom of the unbranded ad to be wrong, to push in directions and ask questions that a brand will not, because a brand has a complex brief and very focused set of objectives.
Indeed if you watch 15 Doctor Fork cheesecake ads, you’ll find one with a guy looking right into the camera while chewing. He’s apparently tried to woo a lot of people: This video has over 168,000 views on it.


When you go through the 18 Doctor Food pizza ads, you’ll find slight variations on the exact same ad, For example-trying it with and without sound.



This experiment reportedly based on how viewers react on these food ads.

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