Joël Robuchon’s Signature Mashed Potato Recipe. Best In The World

Paris, France-

Joël Robuchon was ‘Chef of The Century’, a ‘Culinary Genius’, lifetime achievement winner and Michelin’s most awarded starred chef. He passed away on Monday.
In his overall career  he earned over 30 Michelin stars, Robuchon was known for creating a number of delicious signature dishes. One of the best was a simple plate of mashed potatoes, aka: Purée de pommes de terre.
This is true, the chef’s most famous, most delicious, most talked about dish was Pomme Purée: the only one of his creations he went on to serve at every single one of his restaurants around the world. It’s silky smooth, rich, creamy, deep and lathered in butter, yet, thanks to technique, the dish remains light, fluffy, whipped and passed to perfection. In 1983  were The New York Times quoted : “mashed potatoes that would make grandmother weep with envy”. Incase you are thinking of treating yourself with chef Robuchon’s signature mashed potatoes, following is the authentic recipe from this legendary chef.

Pomme Puree of Joel Robuchon


1 kg Potatoes
250 gms. chilled butter cut into small cubes
250 ml Milk
Salt and Pepper as Needed
1: Boil the potatoes in salty water for 25 minutes – keep the skins on and stop when tender.
2: Leave potatoes to cool before peeling the skins.
3:Rinse a saucepan but leave a small amount of water in the bottom. Add milk and slowly warm.
4: Run the peeled potatoes through a food mill on the smallest setting into a pan.
5: Heat the potatoes on a medium heat for around five minutes to remove excess moisture. You want to dry them out.
6: Turn the potatoes to a low heat and slowly start to add small cubes of the chilled butter as you stir. You have to stir the potatoes a lot and fast to give them a perfectly creamy consistency.
7: Once the butter is mixed well, add the warm milk and whip quickly and energetically to make them smooth.
8: Taste and season.
9: Finally, pass the puree for extra silky texture.

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