Blue Wine Is About To Set Fire In France

Paris, France- 
Vindigo is a company which is producing blue wine in Andalusia (Spain). This  wine is made “from 100% Chardonnay grapes, macerated with extracts of grape skin,” according to the company.

To obtain this color, the white wine is macerated with black grape skins, which contain a natural bluish pigment called anthocyanin. Now the hot news is that a French company based in Sète decided to market it in France. According to René Le Bail, one of its leaders, it is “a fruity wine, with the taste of cherry, blackberry, and passion fruit, not too powerful (11% alcohol per volume).”
For your information this is not the first time that a blue wine is being produced. In 2016, Spanish company Gik launched the world’s first blue wine only to have it banned by the government just months after its launch.

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