McDonald’s Is Recycling Its Used Cooking Oil Into Biodiesel To Fuel  Its Supply Trucks In India

Mumbai, India-

McDonald’s is doing great job towards reducing carbon emissions. The company has been recycling its used cooking oil into biodiesel to power the company’s refrigerated supply delivery trucks in India.


Biodiesel made from used cooking oil is a cleaner fuel with 75 per cent lower carbon emissions than diesel over its entire life cycle. It is an eco-friendly fuel that helps limit global warming. Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt Ltd (HRPL), the master franchisee for McDonald’s in West and South India, is now powering all its delivery trucks in Mumbai with biodiesel made from its own used cooking oil. Even the refrigeration equipment aboard these trucks is powered by the biodiesel.

The company started this as a pilot last year and has successfully scaled it up to cover all 85 restaurants in Mumbai. Today, the company is converting over 35,000 litre of used cooking oil every month into biodiesel. That is a saving of over 4,20,000 litre of crude oil annually.

The process of conversion begins at the restaurant where the team from the distribution centre collects used cooking oil. The collected oil is then taken to the converting facility in tankers. Here, the oil is converted into biodiesel and sent back to the distribution centre. It is then used in dedicated refrigerated trucks for McDonald’s supply logistics in Mumbai.

With such bold actions, the company has embraced its leadership responsibility and will continue to keep ahead of the curve do deliver what is best of its customers, the community and the environment.

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