Pure Vegetarian Delight @ Little Monk, Indore

Be it a weekday or a weekend, at the end of the day each one of us looks forward for a bit of relaxation away from the hustle bustle of the City life, enjoying some delicacies & drinks palatable to our taste buds with our family or friends. A spacious & open breezy atmosphere with some soothing music actually helps relax & rejuvenate better.

Refreshing open to sky seating arrangement


Well, this was exactly my experience at the newly opened Restaurant named “Little Monk” in the premises of Nirvana Resort, M.R.10, near Super Corridor, Indore, Madhyapradesh, India. Well within the close proximity of the City and yet away from it… a secluded place just to enjoy nature from the stylish Gazebos & restaurant surrounded by lush green lawns.

The stylish Gazebos


The classic interiors, trendy furniture and net drapes just compliments to the warm white incandescent light set up to make your evenings most enjoyable. The open Kitchen & a huge Tandoor (oven) is the cynosure of this place where you could watch your ordered dishes in the making. If seated for a while with your eyes closed, you might wonder if you have parked yourself on a windy sea beach away from Indore.

The classic interiors of the restaurant

To be honest, me being a hard core non-vegetarian was bit disheartened to realise that it was a PURE VEGETARIAN restaurant. None the less, the very purpose of visiting a restaurant had to be accomplished by ordering the food & beverage available there. But believe you me, from the very welcome drink through the starters, main course & dessert, each dish was indeed exceptionally delicious and truly beyond my expectations. Allow me to briefly describe them to you…


White Lady – A refreshingly delicious drink served in a green Coconut shell is made up of Fresh Coconut, Coconut Crush, Coconut Cream, Licchi Juice & Honey is a must have in Little Monk 👍🏻


Skin Glow – The very name brought a gleam on the faces of my female friends & bloggers who accompanied me for the evening. This drink made up of Juice & Crush of Pomegranate, Strawberry, Apple along with Cucumber Juice was surely good to taste, whether it might result in the glowing skin later or not 😅


Green Apple Mojito – Mojito with a twist made from Mint Syrup, Mint Crush, Green Apple Syrup, Sprite & Soda garnished with Mint leaves & Lemon wedges 🍹


Sangria Punch – Served in the Nikon & Canon Lens shaped sippers, this mock tail is madThe classic interiors of the restaurante from Apple, Grape & Orange juice which are mixed & fermented for 3 days 📷


Charcoal Momos – Steamed & Fried Momos is something most of us must have tried so far but Charcoal Momos served here are a pure bliss. Thin flour linings stuffed with fine chopped veggies is steamed, marinated with Tandoori Masala and then barbecued on Charcoal to offer that scintillating taste to the Momos. A must try 👍🏻

Fresh Coconut Soup – Being born & brought up on a sea coast, I surely have an affinity towards Coconut. Fresh Coconut, Coconut Cream seasoned with salt pepper and tempered with garlic, strained, thickened with flour and served with mini cheese balls in it is an extraordinary Soup indeed ✌️


Doodhiya Kebab – As the name hints, vegetarian version of this Nawabi delicacy is made from Paneer (Cottage Cheese), Dahi (Curd), Malai (Fresh Cream), Onion, Chaat Masala & Salt grilled in Ghee (Clarified Butter) on low flame. You can’t afford to miss this out 👍🏻👍🏻


Classic Cheese Calzone – Not only Indian cuisine was enjoyable here but even the Italian Classic Stuffed Pizza with Ricotta, Cheddar, Mozzarella & Processed Cheese along with Bell Peppers (Red/Yellow/Green), Mushroom, Olives & Jalapeño 🍕


Calabrese Verde – Pesto marinated exotic veggies viz. Zucchini, Bell Peppers (Red/Yellow/Green), Mushroom, Black Olives & Jalapeño are first smoked and then topped on the fresh dough Square Pizza base. Baked with Cheddar, Mozzarella & Processed Cheese topped with Black Olives & Basil 🌱🍃


Woldrof Salad – This salad made up of Apple, Prune, Orange, Walnuts, Iceberg leaves in a rich cream seasoning is indeed ecstatic for all health conscious folks & fruit lovers 🍎🥝🍇


Birbal ki Khichdi – It’s no more just in the Hindi story books where we read about the intelligence of the minister named Birbal of the Emperor Akbar who suggested that a dish of Toor Dal & Rice could be cooked while being hung far above the fire. This example not only helped Akbar to realise his inappropriate judgement passed on earlier to someone but has gifted us with a yummilicious dish even today 🔥


Dum ki Dal – Mung Dal is cooked with spices & clarified butter (ghee) sealed with flour dough on top to ensure that neither the steam nor the flavour of the dish gets released while being simmered over low flame 🥘


Paneer Baadshahi – This exotic dish as the name says comes with its royalty & richness of Paneer (cottage cheese) slices stuffed with fine chopped dry fruits, grated cheese & spices in a rich mesmerising gravy to offer you the bliss of taste 👑


Bamboo Biryani – A unique technique in which long grain Indian Basmati Rice with aromatic spices, kewda, clarified butter (ghee) is stuffed in a bamboo and baked to perfection in an Oven. The infusion of the bamboo flavour is distinct & gives this dish a significant position among other Dum Biryanis. A must try dish 👌🏻


Exotic Fruit Compote – An exotic array of Kiwi, Orange, Pomegranate, Grapes, Watermelon in a boat of Watermelon topped with cheese cream and fresh mint is indeed a fruit lover’s delight 🥝🍊🍉


Little Monk Mandarin Cake Ice Cream – This orange flavoured exotic ice cream with traces of tutti-fruity is produced exclusively for Little Monk served over a Orange Cake Base which isn’t available anywhere else in the market 🍧


Custard Apple Kheer – As the name hints already, this delicious ground rice porridge is made with Basundi & Sitafal (Custard Apple). Blame it for me having a sweet tooth, the crave for more never comes to an end with special desserts like this 🍥


Overall, a pure vegetarian destination that not only offers a cool & relaxing ambience but also authentic & mouth watering cuisines to pamper your taste buds. A special set of dishes without onion & garlic are also available for the Jain’s. Be it a family dine out, birthday celebration, weekend relaxation or a date with your partner… drop in at Little Monk and enjoy with true value for money 💰

My Recommendations: 👍🏻👌🏻✌️
White Lady, Fresh Coconut Soup, Doodhiya Kebab, Charcoal Momos, Classic Cheese Calzone, Birbal ki Khichdi, Paneer Baadshahi, Bamboo Biryani & Little Monk Mandarin Cake Ice Cream

Finally, time for the ratings… Ting Tong!

Ambience: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Taste: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5
Presentation: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Service: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Special thanks to the owners Mr. Mishal Jain, Mr. Sawan Patidar and the Management Team of Little Monk for your warm hospitality in hosting us. Not to mention, the relentless efforts & co-ordination by Mr. Kapil Jadwani from “Indore Food Explorer” along with my fellow bloggers of Indore made this Bloggers Meet indeed a memorable one. We eagerly look forward for more fun filled times together to cherish.

Till we meet again… Bon Appetite! 😄👍🏻


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