The Very First Museum Of Candy Is Going To Open In New York This Summer

If you are a Candy Lover and want to know more about it then you’re definitely going to love an upcoming attraction created by the mad geniuses behind the Sugar Factory coming to New York City this summer called The Museum of Candy.

The area of Museum of Candy is 30,000-square-feet. There you’ll find a candy cane fashion show, a candy café where you can watch the gummy bear making process in action, and the Candy Memory Lane, where you can learn about the history of the candy industry starting from the 1900s. The museum will have 15 candy-themed rooms total and accommodate the world’s largest gummy bear and a candy-encrusted unicorn.

Sugar Factory Founder Charissa Davidovici said in a statement, “We drew inspiration from all of our guests at Sugar Factory taking pictures at our life-size Candy Dot wall and with our over-the-top food and drinks”.

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