Meet This Man Who Built A Real Working Kitchen In His Car


All the travel lovers out there, we are going to introduce you with something unique and new in this article. Have you ever give this a thought that what if you could be able to remain mobile while also carrying your entire kitchen with you in your car along with supplies? Many people are already doing this by opting for a 35-40 feet long cross-country RVs. But what about a car fulfilling all these necessities. Seems like a dream. Right?

Well there is this innovative tech genius Gavin Shoebridge (37)  installed a tiny kitchen in the trunk of his compact electric car, completed with a mini fridge and a gas camping stove. He even succeeded to fit the kitchen sink in it.

He used wood to make the kitchen unit —“really light, and its easily removable,” as he says in the video—it means that it won’t weigh down the car or take up too much space. To make the sink, he used a stainless steel bowl with a hole drilled in the bottom to make drain hole. And yes, the sink is equipped with running water, by using a clever method: a small plastic container of water, hooked up to a windshield wiper motor. He even covers the entire kitchen unit in wood-printed vinyl to make it look even more professional.

 The entire kitchen does work, and was installed and built completely by hands, which means if you have the some engineering skills and extra time as this guy, you could also create the kitchen in your own car.

This work will make your cross-country drives and camping trips more memorable and convenient.  No more need of lugging around a backpack filled with provisions, or mini-hikes to the nearest waterspout to rinse out your dishes. If you’re an outdoors person of any kind, looking at this mini kitchen probably has you drooling with envy.

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