Aarthi Sampath wins American cooking reality show “Beat Bobby Flay”

Indian origin chef Aarthi Sampath did it again. She had earlier won the American cooking-based reality show “Chopped” and became a headline worldwide.

This time Sampath has emerged as the winner of “Beat Bobby Flay”.

Chef Bobby Flay is a big name in culinary competitions. He is known for hosting “Bobby’s Dinner Battle” and competing on “Throwdown! With Bobby Flay”. In “Beat Bobby Flay”, he does both.

Each half an hour episode of “Beat Bobby Flay”, begins with two chefs competing to create a dish using an ingredient chosen by Flay.

The winner of that challenge (as determined by a special guest judge) goes to the second round, in which he or she battles against Flay.

Sampath, whose winning dish was Biryani, said in a statement to IANS, “I feel elated for the opportunity to represent Indian culture in the western market. Biryani although is nostalgia to others, it’s still not very known, rather the complexity of making it. I am super happy to win the competition and this is just an additional feather in my cap,” added the Indian chef, who is currently residing in Seattle.

Sampath’s foray into the culinary world began with an exploration of flavours found in the diverse kitchens of Mumbai and eventually led to her current position as Chef De Cuisine at Junoon, a Michelin starred Indian restaurant in New York owned by the celebrated chef Vikas Khanna

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