You all may be aware of this fact that the people in olden times used to cook all the meals in clay pots or utensils. Now in the age of glassware and steel ware, the earthenware had lost its identity, but all thanks to the wave of healthy eating, the trend is back with a modern touch. Now you can see many people using earthen/terracotta crockery on an occasional basis (as it takes longer time to cook food than usual in them). The question is, are these modern earthen pots really healthy? Why it is recommended to cook food in earthen pots? We have explored this mystery for you. Following are some reasons you must start cooking in earthen pots.


 1. Makes food more Nutritious
From the nutritional perspective to taste, earthen pots are well-suited for all types of cooking. Even in India Ayurveda suggests cooking in clay pots, as it involves the slow cooking process that improves the quality and taste of food and also balances the nutrients. According to some science experts, the natural insulation properties of clay cause heat and moisture to balance and circulate throughout the pot and keep the nutrients unharmed and prevent the dish from burning.
2. Healthy for human body
Clay used in making utensils is alkaline which neutralises the acid content in the food during the cooking process and makes it easier to digest. Also, the food cooked in the earthen pot is high in iron, calcium, magnesium and sulphur content. One can easily avoid using oil while cooking, as the natural moisture present in the pot is sufficient to cook the food properly.
3. Ensures enhanced flavour
The porous nature of clay pots adds to the flavour of the dish by keeping the nutrients intact, which most other types of utensils fail to preserve.
 4. Inexpensive and easily available
Easily available at street shops, clay pots are not at all expensive, as compared to other varieties of utensils. They are available in varied forms and sizes to suit all sorts of cooking uses.
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