Good Food, Bad Service. Thats what we experienced at our last visit to ZAFFRAN, Infiniti Mall, Andheri West, Mumbai

Unattended Reception

On the occasion of Republic Day, I planned to go out for a quick dinner with one of my friends. After some thought we decided to visit Zaffran Restaurant in Infiniti Mall, Andheri West, Mumbai as we had to catch a late night movie show in a multiplex in the same mall.

Our Table

So at 10:20pm we reached there. Shockingly there was no one at the reception desk to greet us and escort us to our table. We opened the gate and entered the restaurant. There was no much of a crowd. Soft bollywood music was playing. We had to ask one of the servers to allot us a table for two. After he allotted us the table, again we had to wait for another 10 minutes for any server to come and give us the menu. The table as I observed was not up to the standard of a fine dine restaurant. It was pretty messy. Please note that no water has been served until then. Then around 10:30pm a server came with two menu cards. I asked him to serve us water first. At 10:35pm we ordered for a Dhaba Mutton curry and garlic butter naan. Before serving our order the server brought some Lacha Onions with lemon wedges and mint sauce. At 10:49pm the food came to our table. The food was smelling good but mutton preparation was missing garnish and they didn’t put any napkin in the bread basket in which server came with our butter garlic naan. The server started serving us the food. He poured mutton curry with serving spoon on our plate nicely but I think he forgot to serve us the naan. Anyway we picked up our naan and started eating. Mutton was tasting good. Mutton pieces were well cooked. Gravy had a fine balance of flavors. The gravy could have been a little thick as we were eating it with naan. Garlic naan was okay. It was missing bit crispness. Lacha onions was fresh, green chutney was just okay but the lemon wedges were bitter. I believe that lemon wedges were cut at least 4-6 hours prior to the service.

Our Food

We finished our food and asked for check. The server cleared our table and returned with finger bowls. We cleaned our fingers and paid the check.

Overall experience was below average. I would rate this restaurant 2.5 out of 5.

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Review by Reishu Sharma

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