Guinness has launched a new non-alcoholic Beer


Nowadays where many craft breweries continue to focus on making bigger, strong beers, some of the brewers in the world have had their eye on a completely different crowd: the growing amount of non-alcoholic beer market. We saw last year Heineken roll out Heineken 0.0 and Budweiser bringing an N/A version of its flagship brand to the United Kingdom. Now, another big name is trying out another non-alcoholic brew: Guinness has just launched Open Gate Pure Brew Non-Alcoholic Lager.

One problem that the non-alcoholic beer drinker face is the  change in flavors between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer. But this time company claims that it came up with new brewing technology which will help this non alcoholic beer to stand shoulder to shoulder with any alcoholic beer in terms of flavor.

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