French Legendary Chef Paul Bocuse dies aged 91.

paul bocuse

Gerard Collomb, Lyon’s former mayor and now France’s interior minister, announced the news on Twitter: “Paul Bocuse is dead, gastronomy is in mourning. “Mr Paul was France: simplicity and generosity; excellence and the art of living. “The pope of gastronomy has left us. Powering our chefs in Lyon, like in the four quarters of the world, they have cultivated the fruits of his passion.”


Paul Bocuse, born in Lyon, France, where he used to run several restaurants and a cookery school, was an early exponent of “nouvelle french cuisine”, which reinterpreted traditional French cooking using less butter and cream and focusing on fresh ingredients and stylish presentation. Bocuse was born into a family of chefs who had passed on family recipes and culinary secrets since the 17th century. He began cooking at the age of 15 and by 1958 he earned his first Michelin star. He would go on to win two more of the prized supreme accolades, and from his base in Lyon, he began to train a whole new generation of chefs. “La nouvelle cuisine” flourished, despite Bocuse’s love of traditional ingredients and long cooking times, and the new style would become associated with him. Paul Bocuse brand became so strong that kings, queens and presidents would flock to his table.

Emmanuel Macron, French President also paid homage to Bocuse in a tweet: “Paul Bocuse is no longer here. Chefs are crying in their kitchens, at the Élysée and everywhere in France. French gastronomy will continue to make him proud.”



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