Chicken Satay Recipe

Classical Thai chicken skewers served with peanut sauce



250 gms. Chicken breast, cut into long stripes

2 tbsp. red Thai curry paste

2 tbsp. olive oil

1 tbsp. honey

1 lemon juice

Salt to taste

Spring onion for garnish

Peanut sauce (for recipe see dips & sauces)


  1. In a bowl make a marination by mixing thai curry paste, olive oil, honey, lemon juice and salt.
  2. Add chicken into the marination and keep in refrigerator for atleast 2 hours.
  3. After 2 hours, put chicken pieces on satay sticks.
  4. Now on a hot pan put some oil and sear the satay on it until well cooked.
  5. Arrange on a nice plate, garnish with spring onions and lemon wedges. Serve hot with peanut sauce.


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