Thermomix – What is the reason of its hype?

Thermomix, this name became part of  many chef’s conversation. Its viral on social media platform. Its everywhere. Every big chef wants to get this equipment in his or her kitchen. For many chefs its like a dream to work with this machine. Restaurants like Eleven Madison Park, Alinea, The French Laundry are already using it for creating amazing preparations.


But what is it? Why is it getting so much of hype? Is it worth this much attention? Lets talk about this.

What is a Thermomix?

Thermomix is a kitchen equipment – though that term over-simplifies a kitchen machine that is not only a food-processor but one that also, weighs, cooks, chops, crushes, emulsifies, whips, mixes, steams, blends, kneads, grinds simmers, grates and mills.


The Thermomix is designed and manufactured by Vorwerk with the ultimate in German engineering, producing a machine that is reliable, sturdy and built to last. Despite its extensive repertoire for the kitchen, it is quite neat and will sit comfortably on any tabletop without covering too much space.

Why Any Chef Would Want One?
The Thermomix is used and loved by the professional chefs and the home cook equally because it is a workhorse. It replaces virtually every other gadget in the kitchen so you can throw out the food processor, the bread machine, the coffee grinder, graters, electric whisks, the steamer, the juicer, slow cooker. Yes, almost all of them.

The Thermomix saves an inordinate amount of time in both preparation and cooking foods. A carrot cake mixture takes 30 seconds, a lemon curd 6 minutes, a Creme Brulée which would usually take 1 hour 20 mins to prepare and cook takes 15 minutes start to finish and that trickiest of sauces, Hollandaise 4 minutes. The time-saving benefits of the machine also vastly reduce energy costs. Isn’t it amazing?

The speed and ease of using the Thermomix mean cooking from scratch are no longer a chore. So you can ditch the takeaway and processed foods and cook with fresh, healthy ingredients.

How Does it Function?

The Thermomix looks not unlike a kitchen blender with a sturdy stainless steel jug. Within the jug sits a two-pronged blade which can be set to gently stir a mixture (it has an automatic reverse setting for kneading and stirring) to terrifyingly high speeds that chop through ice or rock-hard Parmesan cheese in seconds.

Set in the base of the machine are various touch controls which turn the Thermomix into weighing scales, so weighs ingredients as added. There are heat settings from 0° – +120 °C and coupled with the timer, means food is cooked while you busy yourself elsewhere.

The Thermomix also has a steaming basket (Varoma), which sits atop the machine. So, while one food cooks (a soup or sauce) another food can be gently steamed above it.

What Is The Price?

Well, none of these amazing benefits comes cheap. The price of the new TM5 model is around £900 ($1500 US). For the professional chef this money is quickly recouped, but for the serious home-cook it may take longer. Crazy price for a kitchen gadget. isn’t it?

So i believe you all know almost everything about this futuristic kitchen gadget Thermomix. You can figure out on your own now if its worth the hype or not. On other side you can buy one and use if you really want to know.


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