7 Reasons why drinking Beer is beneficial for you

If drinking beer can make you feel guilty, it is time to rethink again. There are Studies which have shown that moderate consumption of beer can do a world of good to the human health. It might sound a little surprising, but it is quite true.


Here are the possible health benefits of beer consumption in a moderate quantity:

  1. Maintaining sound heart health: A study conducted by the Fondazion di Ricerca e Cura, Italy showed that drinking a pint of beer in a day can reduce the chances of heart disease by 31 percent. Beer contains phenol a powerful anti-oxidant that can provide a shield to our heart.
  2. Mitigate the risk of diabetes: This is another interesting yet very little-known fact that 2 beer can mitigate the risk of type 2 diabetes. A study at Harvard conducted in the year 2011 showed that daily consumption of beer helped over 38,000 men cut down the risk of diabetes by a whopping 25 percent.
  3. Beer can prevent Alzheimer’s: Studies conducted by the Stritch School of Medicine, Chicago proved that people who drank a moderate amount of beer are better off than the ones who do not consume beer at all. It can cut down the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s by close to 23 percent. The silicon content of this drink proves to be a strong shield for the brain.
  4. Preventing kidney stones: A Finland study established the fact that consumption of a moderate quantity of beer daily can help a person stay protected against kidney stones. This is due to the high water-content of beer that helps to flush out the toxins of kidney outside the body through urine. Beer also possesses compound that can break the calcium content in the kidney and flush the same through urine.
  5. Get the cholesterol count under control: Beer contains a compound known as the beta-glucan. The latter can cut the cholesterol level in the body and prevent other diseases such as fatigue, obesity, heart problems etc.
  6. Cancer blocking capability: Beer contains Xanthohumol. It is found that xanthohumol has anti-cancer properties that can fend off various types of cancer such the one in prostrate, breast etc. Although it must be kept in mind that no more than 2 pints of beer are consumed to qualify for this benefit. Over consumption of beer has been found to be a catalyst to causing cancer.
  7. Keep the blood pressure in control: A Harvard study conducted among women in the range of 25-40 years found that women who consumed a moderate level of beer are less likely to fall prey to high blood pressure. Other alcohol, however, did not fetch the same benefit as beer.

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