Biggest News Stories from food industry, 2017. The stories that made big differences in culinary world this year.

The year 2017 was filled with lots of new things and exciting stories for Culinary World. Culinary News is going to tell you about some big happenings of 2017 from food industry as we are in the last day of the year.

1.Amazon buys brand “Whole Foods”


Online retailer Amazon acquired the popular yet struggling chain of organic grocery stores Whole Foods founded by John Mackey for 13.7 billion USD.  The major change Amazon made was immediately lower the prices on some staple items.


 2.America tops with 6,000 craft breweries


With an average of about two breweries opening in the U.S. every day, there is no wonder that America topped with 6,000 breweries this year, the most world ever seen.


3.President who loves fast food


One of President Donald Trump’s weird eating habits is his love for fast food. This year white House chefs were asked to recreate McDonald’s classics, Lay’s potato chips, Diet Cokes, and Oreo cookies are well-stocked wherever the president, and trips to other countries have put a spotlight on his penchant for “American” cuisine and well-done steak.


4.Alexa and Google can order food for you


Companies’ Echo and Google Home smart devices have adopted a bunch of new tricks in 2017. In order to helping you to write a grocery list or order groceries, they’re now able to help curb food waste, order from Starbucks, get you a beer and track your alcohol consumption. Isn’t this amazing.


5.Starbucks’s Unicorn Frappuccino stepped into world


The most revolutionary product Starbucks has launched in years, was this, the multi-coloured beverage launched this year.


6.Pineapple pizza debate is global


Whether pineapple on pizza is good to go or not? This was the most viral debate this year globally. Everyone among chef like Gordon Ramsay and many more big personalities volunteered in this debate drive.


7.Noma’s shut down, popping up in Mexico, re-opening in Copenhagen


On New Year’s Evening of 2016, René Redzepi closed the doors on his “world’s best restaurant” Noma to take a break, regroup, and get inspired. For Redzepi, that “break” included popping up Noma Mexico in Tulum in April where the menu was focused on local ingredients, including insects. Finally, in November, it was announced that reservations will be available for Noma 2.0, set to open in Copenhagen in February of 2018. They sold out nearly immediately.


8.Chef José Andrés feeds a disaster-stricken nation


This year chef José Andrés and his fellow chefs via his non-profit World Central Kitchen, mobilized food and other resources, ultimately serving over 3 million meals in Puerto Rico alone when Houston, Puerto Rico and California were under attack of Natural Disaster.


9.Wendy’s fan wins nuggets for life on Twitter


Carter Wilkerson is now the holder of most retweeted tweet of all time. That’s all for lifetime delivery for nuggets from Wendy’s. His tweet has been retweeted more than 3.6 million times. Wendy’s told the Carter that it would take 18 millions retweets for him to get free “nuggs”.


10.Fast food inspired fast fashion


This year we saw fast food not only on our placemats but on the runway as well. Taco Bell teamed up with Forever21, KFC put out its own line, McDonald’s delivered clothing via UberEats, Arby’s gave people literal Meat Sweats, White Castle’s new uniforms were designed by Telfar, and companies like Heinken and Coca-Cola teamed with A Bathing Ape and KOIO (respectively) to bring us stylish new ways to show brand loyalty.


11.Dominique Ansel goes savory


The “world’s best pastry chef” Dominique Ansel in October of this year opened the doors on 189 in Los Angeles, making his first official foray into all of the courses that come before dessert.


12.Impossible Burger’s big expansion


Everyone knows brand impossible burger who has developed  a meatless burger that bleeds is now available in some restaurants and grocery stores. The accelerated rate at which Impossible Burger have made their way into grocery stores and restaurants in 2017 has turned a niche product into a international phenomenon.


13.Emoji food menu


Food is always been a ideal topic of conversation, and considering that these days most conversations take place via texting and social media, it’s no wonder we’ve seen a huge rise in food icons populating our new, visual vocabulary: emojis. This year saw José Andrés successfully lobby for an accurate paella emoji, Google scramble to put the cheese in the right spot of its burger emoji, and Apple adding dumplings and takeout containers to sate our appetites.


14.Bourdain moving beyond food TV



Anthony Bourdain is busy, no doubt, with Parts Unknown, documentary projects about food waste, his (delayed) food hall, and comic books about culinary ghost stories. But while the chef and TV host has mostly focused all of his creative efforts on food, this year saw Bourdain expanding his horizons with his book imprint getting suspended from Twitter over the title of a music industry memoir and the announcement that he’ll be producing a documentary on 1960s Detroit. (Whether or not his teased scripted series will be about food remains to be seen.


15.Return of Eleven Madison Park


After it closed its gates on June 9 for renovations, Daniel Humm and Will Guidara popped up the EMP Summer House in the Hamptons to maintain their name while their Manhattan location was temporarily out of service. In this October came the triumphant return of the “world’s best restaurant” with new revamped structure and a new menu. We recently visited the place and it was amazing.


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